Used Transmissions For Sale

May 3, 2022 by admin

In addition to your car's engine, you might also be interested in a used transmission for sale. A new transmission can cost thousands of dollars, and you might not want to pay that much for an older model. However, if you want a transmission that is in good condition and works perfectly, there are several used transmissions for sale. These used transmissions have undergone rigorous testing and are backed by a six-month warranty.

Before you buy a used transmission for sale, you should check the mileage. Some transmissions may be a few years old, but this is not necessarily the case. A reliable website will have the mileage listed and will ship the transmission to you at no extra charge. If you are not sure, you can use Google Maps to double check the street address to ensure that it is the one you're looking for. Make sure you choose a transmission with a warranty, as these are typically the ones you'll need for a long time.

You can also purchase a cheap transmission from a salvage yard or repair shop. Although these options are convenient, many brokers won't disclose the actual mileage on their transmissions. They will usually say that the transmissions are under 100K miles, but you can't verify the mileage yourself. Besides, a used transmission that's not covered by a warranty is likely not worth the money, and you'll have little recourse if the transmission breaks down.

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