What to do before installing a used transmission?

November 2, 2021 by admin

If you re contemplating vehicle transmission installation your top two most likely choices are either a used transmission or a new transmission rebuilt. A used transmission from a salvage yard or junk yard is also attractive because it can often be cheaper and may come with a warranty. But be sure to check the car first before you pay money to have it installed. Here are some tips on what to do before installing a used transmission on your own.

Your used transmission has a different type of suspension than a standard transmission. It will also have different components like the engine mounts, drive pulley, brake calipers, master cylinder, etc. Be sure that your vehicle model actually uses this type of suspension so if you are unfamiliar with it ask an experienced mechanic for help. You should also be aware that a used transmission can lose pressure when the engine is cold which means you will need to replace the fluid in the pan before putting the car on a lift. If you do not replace the fluid and you let the car get cold, you could cause the engine to overheat and damage your drive train components or the pan itself.

Another tip for used transmissions is to buy a used transmission with as many miles as possible. This will ensure that it works properly and will last you a long time. Be sure to check the fluid on a regular basis to make sure that it isn't leaking. Check the drain plug and hoses at least once a month and change them as needed. If your car has any type of metal parts on it such as metal retainers, it is a good idea to always remove these parts before reinstalling the transmission. Doing this will prevent rust from forming and will keep your engine from suffering any damage.

Many mechanics suggest that if you buy a used transmission online, that you purchase a local transmission if you are unsure of the make or model of the car you are planning to purchase. This is due to the difference in quality between an in-house rebuild and an online transaction. It is also because many local dealerships will offer warranties that extend to car models that are currently available such as GMC, Buick and Chrysler. While an in-house rebuild will typically not offer such a warranty, some will offer it if you purchase their extended warranty from the manufacturer. Purchasing a local transmission from a dealer will also give you the ability to test drive the vehicle before purchasing it.

The final thing you should do before buying a used transmission is to thoroughly flush out the transmission fluid. To do this, you will need to locate the drain pan under the vehicle and open it up with a few tools by turning a wrench clockwise. You will then need to remove the drain plug and flush out all the fluids from the pan including the engine coolant, transmission fluid and transmission pan cleaner. Once you have flushed all the fluids out, you should then put the pan back on the engine and allow it to drain once more.

Installing used transmissions can be an extremely rewarding investment but will also require some work. Some people choose to get their cars serviced professionally while others opt for do-it-yourself installations. However, regardless of whether you get your car serviced or install it yourself, you should always remember that purchasing a new warranty from the manufacturer is far better than a used transmission warranty from a local dealership. As long as you take good care of it before purchasing it, a used transmission will save you thousands of dollars off the labor costs and installation costs.

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